Thursday, 3 September 2015

7 Undeniable Reasons To Have Your Horse Weighed By A SPILLERS® Nutritionist

Never had your yard visited by a SPILLERS® nutritionist before? Then you must not have heard of the wonderful service that we offer.

So, we’ve pulled together 7 reasons why you should get in touch on 01908 226626 and book your place now!

1.      Tailor-Made Advice
At SPILLERS® we are committed to providing you with the best nutrition for your beloved companion. With this in mind, each horse will receive a tailor-made diet plan, formulated to suit his specific needs.

2.      It’s A Real Treat
Our pockets are always lined with delectable SPILLERS®treats for your four-legged friend to sample.

3.      You’ll Be Quids In
Each owner will receive a £5 SPILLERS® feed voucher when they have their horse weighed by one of our nutritionists.

4.      Get Hands On
Not only will your horse be weighed on our ‘super-sized’ scales. Our nutritionists will also get hands on and show you how to calculate his body condition score.

5.      Weigh Tape Worries Will Be a Thing Of The Past
It can sometimes be a real challenge to get an accurate
reading from a weigh tape. But, once your horse has hit the
scales, we can show you how to best utilise this super piece
of equipment.

6.      Touch Up Those Tea-Making Skills
Okay – this one may be slightly more for our benefit – but you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Our nutritionists are expert ‘tea-samplers’. So, pop the kettle on and let’s talk horses!

7.      We’ll Be Back…
…depending upon the standard of tea making, of course! Many horses require changes to their dietary management throughout the year and we’ll be on hand should your horse need a repeat visit.

Book Your SPILLERS® Weigh Clinic Now!
If you have a minimum of 10 horses on your yard then we would love to pay you a visit! To book your SPILLERS® weigh clinic now, just call the Care-Line on 01908 226626.

Quote ‘FACEBOOK WEIGH CLINIC OFFER’ when you book and the organiser will receive an additional £10 SPILLERS feed voucher.

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